Goljan Audio: 10 Years Later

Goljan Audio has been passed down from class to class at every med school for the last 10 years. A decade ago, these were burned onto CDs and circulated, but now they’re just downloaded en masse from torrent sites and the like. A lot has happened in 10 years, and many people are starting to realize that there are much better resources out there that will get you a better score with less time.


The audio files of Dr. Goljan’s lectures were never meant to be released for general listening. Remember, these were pirated without his knowing at the time! Because of this, we don’t see the images he constantly refers to. We’re left out of the interaction with the class. Even the pacing is rather slow and filled with digressions, something that’s effective in a classroom but frustrating in an audio review product. Goljan is a brilliant teacher and his Rapid Review books are fabulous, but these recorded lectures are not the best use of your time.

It’s been 10 years and a lot has changed in that time. He references recent studies that are no longer recent. We have seen the results of major clinical trials get published in the last decade that have changed management of many conditions. This material shows up in questions because the NBME wants young doctors in training to know the latest. If you’re drilling Goljan’s audio into your brain, you will be drilling some inaccuracies and misconceptions as well. They weren’t wrong at the time, but times have changed and even what he teaches in his live classes has changed as well.

Today we have even better resources on the market. The Pathoma series from Dr. Sattar out of Chicago is revolutionizing pathology prep for Step 1. These videos were actually intended for release and were produced within the last 3 years so they remain current. Because they’re video, we can see the pictures that are referred to and pictures are commonly tested on the exam. The best thing, though, is that they are exquisitely taught and presented. He is a gifted teacher and makes the concepts simple and memorable and many people credit him with their scores on Step 1.

Instead of pirating decade-old recordings, consider using some of the latest products like Pathoma or USMLE Audio. UA lectures are densely packed with the highest yield material and cover all the topics found in the most popular high yield review books. They don’t waste your valuable time with stories about anyone’s grandkids or give sermons. They don’t have Q&A sessions with the class where you can’t hear the answers to questions.

Average scores for step 1 are going up all the time. If you want to stay competitive, make sure you’re using the best resources and mastering the content that gets tested. Read Dr. Goljan’s pathology book, but save your audio review time for something like USMLE Audio that will give you the biggest return for your time invested.

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